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Can you bomb a cryptocurrency in only 30 days?

This project was made for DGDG Summer Jam 2017

Current Flaw is a single player strategy game, where a friend can’t stop talking about a new cryptocurrency called Boinc. The player gets so annoyed with industry buzzwords such as "Cross-media decentralization" and "Blockchain", it’s now their destiny to make huge profits, while completely destroying the value of the currency itself.

Use malware to slow down/destroy mining GPUs and incrementally change the selling price of Boinc in the public market. Hoard Boinc in your own private wallet and completely move large chunks of the economy out of circulation.

The Good

  • The amount of game I created. There is a surprising amount of content in the game, with individual 'agents' that make purchases and transactions in the currency.
  • The somewhat-advanced AI. The game features AI that rapidly adapts to the conditions of the market, such as buying low and selling high. I spent a lot of the 48 hours given working on fine tuning this AI.
  • The surprising amount of strategy. Given the 48-hour time limit, I was definitely not expecting to develop the next Civilization game, but the strategy in the final jam build is surprising complex. There are 2 independent markets in the game, each with different risks and rewards. Do you sell in market 1 or market 2? Will the value of Boinc in market 2 rise tomorrow? Is this $100 per coin gamble worth it?

The Bad

  • Its missing super basic things. You cannot close the game without alt-F4 or task manager. Also, there is no way to pause the game.
  • The game takes place over only 30 in game days and the daily timer is WAY too short. I was considering changing this after the jam, being only 2 variables to change, but I decided not to for the sake of preservation.
  • There is no end. I didn't have time to add a "You Win/Lose" screen, there’s only a console printout
  • Programmer Art. Work with what you have.

Recommended way to play

  1. Set a personal day goal. I would recommend 90 days.
  2. Spend the first few minutes looking over the story and menus to get a good feel for them. Restart the game from scratch for the real attempt.
  3. Fullscreen at 1920x1080 (Full HD) resolution.


Install instructions

Unzip the file and run "Current Flaw.exe"


Current Flaw v1 16 MB

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